Why a Mobile Website?
Having a site that is optimized for mobile usage essentially means that your site, product, service and company is available to your customers whenever and wherever they are.

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Why Now?
By the end of 2010, 27% of mobile phones were considered smart phones. That number has grown dramatically in 2013 and now more than 50% of Americans (150 million people) can't live a day without their smart phones.
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Mobile Facts

  • It takes 26 hours for the average person to report a lost wallet. It takes 68 minutes for them to report a lost phone.

    - Unisys, 2012

  • 70% of all mobile searches result in action within 1 hour. 70% of desktop online searches result in action in one month.

    - Mobile Marketer, 2012

  • 9 out of 10 mobile searches lead to action, over half leading to purchase.

    - Search Engine Land, 2012

  • 61% of local searches on a mobile phone result in a phone call.

    - Google, 2012

  • 52% of all mobile ads result in a phone call.

    - xAd, 2012

  • Mobile coupons get 10 times the redemption rate of traditional coupons.

    - Mobile Marketer, 2012

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